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Image by Renee Kiffin

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your definition of cusotm jewelry?
    When I provide "custom jewelry" or "custom talismans" I want the client to be involved in picking the stone and shaping the intenion of the talisman. I do not take orders to re-create shapes or animals (Ex: can you make a dragon, a butterfly, a celtic cross?) I make jewelry with intention, it is a very spiritual process and I flow with spirit on the design.
  • What kind of wire do you use?
    I use sterling silver on requests but mostly I use antique brass wire. I do not use copper because a lot of people have a skin reaction to copper.
  • Where do you get your stones?
    I buy my stones from a vendor who I have used for 7-years. I also use stones that clients have but have mailed to me.
  • How long does a custom piece take to make?
    I require 3-5 days to create the piece. I sit with the intention of the piece for a while, so the energy is strong. I cleanse my space and materials w/sage, palo santo, different oils, and candles before I create.
  • What shippping method do you use?
    I use USPS to ship and I provide tracking information. Once a package leaves my hands, I am no longer responsible, USPS is. If you would like your package insured, you will be responsibe to pay the cost, and you must let me know before I print the label.
  • Refund Policy
    There is no Refunds, or Exchanges. I carefully pack every piece to make sure it gets to you safely. If for any reason a piece of jewelry breaks within a month of purchase (HIGHLY UNLIKELY), send me a pic and I will provide a label for you to ship it back to me for repair.
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